Irvin Faust – Shihan 7th Dan – Chief Instructor
Irvin Faust Sensei has trained in martial arts for over 40 years. He holds a 6th degree black belt in Aikido and is also a Shihan (master instructor.) His instructor was Luqman Hakeem Sensei, who was a student of Yamada Shihan (New York Aikikai). Sensei also holds rank in Tae Kwon Do, Karate, and Kung Fu.

Sensei has traveled to Japan to participate in training and demonstrations. He also teaches Aikido for clubs at RPI, local home-schoolers and local youth charities.



Kevin Grace – 4th Dan
Kevin Started his Aikido training in 1989 with Faust Sensei. In addition to Faust Sensei his Aikido has been influenced by Saotome Shihan, Matsuoka Sensei, John Fitzpatrick and Brian Mizerak. Aikido has affected Kevin personally with more confidence, better health, more flexibility and an overall better outlook on life. He received his 3rd Dan in 2008.


Keith Pray – 4th Dan
Keith started his Aikido training in 1998 with Faust Sensei and Flores Sensei. In 1999 Keith began training with Dortch Sensei and Hagihara Shihan. He returned to Albany Aikido in 2006 and generously shares his experiences from training with Hagihara Shihan. Keith teaches the Monday night weapons class focusing on Bokken and Jo paired and individual Kata. His Aikido has been influenced by Faust Sensei, Hagihara Shihan, Sugano Shihan and Dortch Sensei.  Keith feels Aikido has helped him in all aspects of his life. He received his 2nd Dan in 2008.


David Pena – 3rd Dan



Brian Mizerak – 6th Dan – Wandering Instructor
Brian Mizerak has been practicing Aikido since 1983 and has been an instructor since 1987.  He holds the rank of 6th degree black belt and is Shidoin(certified instructor) through the USAF.

He trained originally with Shihan Irvin Faust in Albany who gave him a solid base of movement which has allowed him to blend what he has learned from various other instructors.

He has trained under Shihan Harvey Konigsberg for more than 10 years, who has been instrumental in taking his understanding of Aikido to the next level.  He currently instructs weekly at Woodstock Aikido, occasionally at Kingston Aikido, as an ongoing guest instructor at Albany Aikido, and teaches a yearly seminar at Adirondack Aikido.