Our Programs

Adult Program
The adult program is open everyone from ages 13 and above. Most classes are mixed levels where junior students will be paired with senior students. These classes are taught by senior black belt instructors. The instructors will demonstrate fundamental techniques and ukemi (the art of falling).

Children’s Program
The children’s class is for children between 5 and 12. Through a combination of games and regular Aikido exercises and drills, children are taught the fundamentals of Aikido movement and technique, as well as focus and discipline. Usually two to three instructors are on the mat at any one time, ensuring that all children are safe and receiving personal attention.

Class Types

These are traditional ‘demonstration followed by paired partner practice’ classes, with some lines and occasional special exercises. These classes are for all students.

This is a very high-energy class in which students work on freestyle (jiyu-waza) Aikido in small circles under the guidance of one or more yudansha. Usually techniques per se are not taught, rather when and how to use techniques in a free-flowing and strategic manner. The randori class is for students who have good confidence in their ukemi and techniques.

These are high energy, consistent rhythm class designed to promote smooth movement, leading, following, and encourage students to test their spirit, stamina, observation, and ukemi. Classes involve paired practice, circles, lines and challenging exercises. Some classes involve defense against weapons. Challenge classes are for all students but those who come should have reasonable confidence in their ukemi and be prepared to pick up techniques quickly.

This class concentrates on the use of Aiki-bokken (sword) and Aiki-Jo (staff), using exercises, kata, and paired weapons work. Weapons class is open to all students.

This class concentrates on the fundamentals of ukemi, basic Aikido exercises, and 5th kyu techniques. The class is open to all students.

Open Mat
Free practice in any form (solo, paired, circle, lines). Open to all students. Instead of an open mat, Sensei teaches on Monday morning during the Summer school holidays.

Visitors and Beginners
Visitors are welcome to observe all classes. We recommend that beginners and those interested in trying a free introductory class visit Sensei’s class on a Wednesday night or Saturday morning. Beginners and those trying a class should wear loose, comfortable clothing.