All of our fees are laid out below. There are no term limits or fee contracts. You simply pay for your training month to month (or longer, if you choose) and turn up to as many classes as you wish.

There are no hidden extra fees. For example, you are not required to regularly buy apparel or memorabilia (t-shirts, patches, stickers etc.) or special equipment (boards or bricks for breaking (we don’t do that) etc.

You can pay by cash, check, or Visa or Mastercard (at the dojo).

You can try a free introductory class anytime. Beginners pay three months dues minus a 20% discount plus the cost of a Gi (training uniform) and USAF membership. Fees will revert to the regular fees above after the initial 3 months. In addition to dues, beginners require the following (some exceptions may apply): Gi – $60; United States Aikido Federation (USAF) dues and yukyusha book – $45. Total: $85. Children require only a Gi ($50).

Beginner 3 Month Special (20% Discount on Fees + Gi & USAF Memebership)
Adults $337.00 – Save $47.25 on Fees
Students $265.00 – Save $33.75 on Fees
Children $182.00 – Save $24.75 on Fees

Regular Members Dues
Dues are to be paid by the 1st of the month. After the 1st of the month a late fee of $10 will be assessed. Yearly membership dues in the United States Aikido Federation are $35, to be paid each January. Local participants are encouraged to join the dojo. Members may not pay mat fees. If a member wants a new yukyusha book, the cost is $5.

Family Discounts
Discounts for multiple family members in the same household (applied to lesser fees):

  • 2nd family member – 15% discount
  • 3rd family member – 25% discount
  • 4th family member – 50% discount

Student Rate
You must be attending a registered educational institution full time. This includes college (any kind), vocational school, or high school.

Regular Members Monthly 3 Month Discount (5%) 6 Month Discount (10%)
Adults $105.00 $300.00 – Save $15.00 $567.00 – Save $63.00
Students $75.00 $214.00 – Save $12.00 $405.00 – Save $45.00
Children $55.00 $157.00 – Save $8.00 $300.00 – Save $30.00

Mat fees: $15
Free to watch class

Other Costs
Apart from dues and membership fees the only other money that you are likely to spend at the dojo is:

Gi & Hakama
You can buy your full Gi (training uniform) ($50), or just extra trousers ($20), but while it is mandatory to wear a Gi, it is not mandatory to buy it from the dojo.

You can buy a beginner’s bokken ($10) or jo ($15), but there are plenty of dojo weapons for you to borrow when necessary. Owning a bokken or jo is not mandatory, nor is it mandatory to buy them from the dojo if you want them.

On occasion the dojo holds one or two day seminars with special guest teachers. Students are encouraged to attend, but attendance is not mandatory. Fees for seminars are usually between $25 – $40 for one day and $55 – $70 for two days.

Refrigerated water ($1) and Gatorade ($1.50) are available for sale at the dojo. They tend to be popular in Summer but, of course, it is not mandatory that you buy drinks at the dojo.